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Low Loss Low Density PTFE Dielectric Microwave Coaxial Cables

Up to 18GHz, 26.5GHz, 40GHz

                   . MUA210ST is a Replacement  Cable for the following Cables.

                                                              Micro-Coax ( UFA210B, UFB197C )

                                                              Semflex ( HP190 ),  IW ( IW180x )

                                                              Harbour Industries ( LL142 ) .....

                   . MUA210SD is a Replacement  Cable for the following Cables.

                                                              Micro-Coax ( UFA210A, UFB205A  )

                                                              Semflex ( HP190), IW ( IW180x ) 

                                                              Harbour Industries ( LL142 ) .....

                   . MUA331SD is a Replacement  Cable for the following Cable.

                                                              Micro-Coax ( UFB311A  )

                                                              Semflex ( HP305 )

                                                              Harbour Industries ( LL335 )  

                                                              Dynawave ( DF218 ) .....

We have been developing and producing " Low Loss RF & Microwave Cable based on Micro Air Space

for Test + Measurement, Military & Commercial RF and Microwave System, Medical, Industry .....

Low Loss Low Density MUA210ST RF Microwave Coaxial Cable Equipment with Micro-Coax Utiflex UFA210B

This Low Loss cable is the replacement cable for Micro-Coax UFA210B and other Low Loss Cables by major cable Manufacturers. These cables can be used for replacement of Expanded PTFE Tape Wrapping Core Low Loss Cables like LL and LLS Series Cable of Habour Industries and of other major cable manufacturers as applications. This cable can be used as the Best TEST Cable by High Flexures based on 19 Stranded Center Conductor.  Also, all the connectors for Micro-Coax UFA210B can be used for this cable.


The center conductor is one of Solid Silver Plated Copper Wire or Stranded Silver Plated Copper Wire in accordance with ASTM B-298. The solid center conductor has a less RF resistance, a lower attenuation, and is more amplitude stable with flexure. The stranded center conductor is excellent in flexibility and is more phase stable with flexure.


The Dielectric is composed by Low density Extrusion PTFE with a lower dielectric constant compared with Solid PTFE. Almost of transmission losses are determined by the dielectric material and structure. In addition, the dielectric material and structure determines the velocity of propagation, the using temperature range, the power rating, the phase and amplitude stability, and a flexibility of cable. The LLC-M series cables are constructed by Low Density Extrusion PTFE having low thermal coefficient of expansion, also based on stable and equal pore distribution.


The Inner Shield is composed by Silver Plated Copper Strip wrapped helically between layers. This shield structure provide the outstanding flexibility with providing 100 % coverage rate. The uniform impedance and ideal contact between individual layers of the shield are achieved by unique structure of Silver Plated Copper Strip wrapping.


The Silver Plated Copper Wire in accordance of ASTM B-298 is braded tightly over the inner shield. The braiding structure provide the tightness of inner shield and also present the additional shield effectiveness.


The FEP ( Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene ) as the material of outer jacket have the strong resistance to Temperature and Chemical. 

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